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international arts foundation New orleans

The International Arts Foundation for 35  years has been promoting the benefits of cultural diversity and its impact on New Orleans’ unique culture. The International Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Ernest D. Kelly in 1987. The Foundation supports local community projects and economic development; and is committed to helping rebuild the City of New Orleans and revitalize the vibrant culture that New Orleans is known for.

The IAF uses traditional customs; music, dance, song and folklore to further culturally enrich the community. It reflects a perfect synergy of New Orleans, Caribbean, African, South American and European cultures. It keeps art, education and international exchange an important component of its work.

At the new Epic center the Foundation will start a series of shows, displays and cultural presentations designed to celebrate the expression of diversity through traditional customs, music, dances, songs, and folklore as well ascreate economic development platforms and provide opportunities to aspiring artist. The International Arts Festival is designed to promote unity via the irresistible appeal of music and arts.

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Why Africa?

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It is also one of the most advanced broad based industrial and productive economies in Africa. Strategically located with the largest coast line of the African continent, South Africa is a key investment location, full of rich vibrant culture both for the market opportunities that lie within its boarders and for the opportunity that exists to use the country as a gateway to the African continent.

South Africa has enormous potential as an investment destination offering a unique combination of highly developed topnotch economic infrastructure with a rich emerging market economy.

Key economic reforms have given rise to a high level of macro-economic stability. Taxes have been reduced, tariffs lowered the fiscal deficit brought under control, and exchange controls relaxed. Why not South Africa! The International Arts Foundation along with South African Investment Group have partnered together to bring economic development, promote culture and educational exchanges between New Orleans and Durban and with the country of South Africa as a whole.


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